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BARIATRIC MEDICINE is Medical Weight Loss which leads to Lean Life-Style Living through my four tools: Education, Medication (for some), Exercise and Willpower (Motivation).

I enjoy seeing my patients become healthier and avoid disease states that tend to shorten their lives. Passing my Boards in Bariatric Medicine shows my commitment to your well-being. My thirty-four years experience brings me patients from as far away as Solon, Ohio, Oakmont, Pa., and Falconer, New York.

I call myself the 101st Diet Doctor, because if you go into any major book store and go to the diet section, you will find 100 different authors who have knowledge in obesity, so I am the 101st.

All patients and athletes are different in the amount of effort they will individually commit to a wellness program or to a sport they like.

For example, a golf pro teaches various skills, then he asks you to go to a driving range or course to practice what he has taught you. If you practice daily, your game improves dramatically and your friends notice. PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT. If you practice infrequently you only marginally improve. “So let it be with dieters and exercisers”

With what I teach you, I then expect you to practice better eating habits and increased exercise levels -----7 days per week.

Those who are diligent in my program see healthy benefits. The “Magic Pill” is exercise. Taking medication without a Program and Exercise is doomed to failure.

As you read through our website, imagine how you'll look and feel pounds lighter, then call our office for your initial consultation.

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