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Obesity Related Diseases
Obesity is a chronic disease. Fat cells around our abdomen do a lot more than push against our belts. Fat cells here are called Visceral Fat and is considered an endocrine organ - producing at least 5 different hormones that adversely affect our health:
1. ANGIOTENSINOGEN converts to angiotensin which is a potent vasoconstrictor and raises our blood pressure.
2. RESISTIN causes insulin resistance, a core defect in causing Diabetes Mellitus II.
3. TNF-Alpha causes inflammation of our coronary arteries & vascular system.
4. INTERLEUKIN-6 causes inflammation of our coronary arteries & vascular system.
5. PAI-1 Inhibitor interferes with our body’s ability to break up clots.

For these hormones, Doctors need to address the problem of Obesity and Risk Reduction.
Dr. Robert Kushner, M.D., from Northwestern University in Chicago wrote that obesity treatment is often seen by Physicians as a “daunting or even futile task.”

Diagram #1 shows the Reversible Coronary Artery Disease risk factors as seen by most Physicians and the insurance companies.

Diagram #2
Diagram #1
Diagram #2 is how I visualize these risk factors. Please note how Sedentary Life Style is on the back of Obesity, and how these two factors influence High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Diabetes-II.

Therefore, the treatment of Sedentary Life Style and Obesity greatly influence our health by reducing these other risk factors. Doctors and insurance companies need to follow this pattern, as I do, to impact the health of America. Obesity has greatly increased in the last twenty years which shows our ignorance in the treatment of Obesity.

A 10% drop in weight is where persons begin to see the illnesses associated with OBESITY begin to lessen in intensity.

1. Osteoarthritis of the knees, lumbo-sacral spine and hips.
2. Hypertension
3. Diabetes
4. Cholesterol elevations
5. Sleep Apnea

The time you take now to Learn “LEAN LIFE-STYLE LIVING” will help you add years to your life so you can see and play with your grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. You are sacrificing now to be a part of their lives in the future.

For your sake and the sake of your loved ones, let's talk about what our weight loss program can do for your health!