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Program Payments
Most insurance companies do not cover Wellness Programs!

My office does not accept most HMO or PPO insurance programs.

Yes, you can go Out-of-Plan to have our services - and after you have met your deductible, then your insurance may provide coverage

Or course, I am giving my services to you, not your insurance company. Therefore you are directly responsible for the payment of my services.

This is a “pay as you go” program. You are not required to pay ahead or pay large up-front fees.

You receive a discount on your next visit if someone you recommend completes their first visit!


First Visit: $110.00 payable at your first visit.

We follow-up with you at two week interval visits which are around $50.00 each. Monthly visits are around $75.00 each. Prices are subject to change.

This is a great INVESTMENT in your HEALTH.