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Testimonials: Andrea
Hi Dr. Allison,

You wanted me to email you my before and after pictures for your website.

Here is my testimonial:

A coworker lost a ton of weight and looked great. She gave me Dr. Allison’s information in mid-December 2011. Every month or so I would go to his site and look at it and think about calling him. I’ve tried everything and the most I could lose was 10 lbs. I finally talked myself into calling for an appointment. I didn’t have anything to lose; Dr. Allison was my last resort.

Jan was so nice when I called to make my appointment for April 29, 20013. I was nervous about calling but she really put me at ease. At the time of my first appointment I was 175 lbs. and had a closet full of clothes sized 16 to 18.

As of August 12, 2014, I weigh 137 lbs. Under Dr. Allison’s care, I have lost 38 lbs. When I am asked how I am losing weight, I tell everyone, “Dr. Allison on Nagle Road. I love that man!” I have changed my entire life around; I eat healthier, with small meals throughout my day, I take in more protein and I exercise every day. I am still losing weight and I’m currently filling my closet with size 4 to 6 clothes.

Before I met Dr. Allison, I was only taking care of my son, dog and cat. Now I am taking care of myself by eating better and exercising. You won’t find chocolate at my house but I will walk 6-7 blocks to Dairy Queen if I want something sweet to eat.

I look forward to my appointments with Dr. Allison; he truly cares about you and your health.

Thank you, Dr. Allison!

Andrea I.