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Testimonials: Dr. Bob Allison
Being in a picture with my most successful health-improved, weight-loss patient, I was very proud of the diligent work he had done to achieve his goal.  But something was wrong with that picture.  You can definitely see the chubby cheeks of the treating Physician—Me!!  And I continued to blossom upwards to the puffy picture of me at Thanksgiving time.  I thought that the picture was lying—but no, all those fat cells did NOT belong to anyone else but me!! 

I did not perceive me to look that big.  Looking at my diet or lack thereof, I was starting my day with a red can of Ice Cold Soft Drink for breakfast. For lunch,  a fast food place was only two doors away and I had a Fried Chicken Sandwich - hold the mayo and just add barbecue sauce (yeah—like the deep fried chicken didn’t have enough fat grams for me), then I needed the biggie fries and a large cola drink and later a free refill. 

Grease was tasting good to me.  The reality of that chubby face forced me to change my habits and follow what I preach.  Slimfast* replaced the soda - or a high fiber cereal on other days became breakfast.  Lunch became thin soups or chili. Supper became baked chicken or salmon.  Wings and fries and grease became a thing of the past.

Crystal Light* and Diet Cola with my own added LIME JUICE became my liquids of choice. 

This professional “Couch Potato” actually got up and walked almost 30 minutes a day.  My problem with exercise before this was my wife’s fault.  She bought me this wonderful T.V. recliner, and it was the ONLY one in Erie with a built-in ASS-MAGNET.  Yes, it turned on at 6PM when I arrived home and sucked me right into it.  It paused every hour and a half to allow me to go to the bathroom but a tractor beam followed me and dragged me back to the chair as the magnet turned on again.  It released me at 11:30PM to go to bed.  So you can see my lack of exercise was my wife’s fault!!?!

A year later the second picture was taken and 30 pounds were removed from this overweight body.  Diet and exercise is how I did it.  No medications were used.  Lean Life Style changes have made a difference for me.

One must always remember the “I” messages: I CAN DO THIS! IT IS UP TO ME!! If calories eaten equals energy burned, no weight gain or loss has occurred.