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In November of 2000, I Weighed 410 pounds. My waist size was 64 inches and my shirt size was 4X. I had trouble walking up stairs, in fact, I had trouble walking anywhere. I was a physical mess.

To make matters worse, my son was getting married in May of 2001 and I was concerned that I would embarrass him at his own wedding. I told my wife that I had to do something to lose weight for the wedding. She agreed. The next day I made an appointment with Dr. Bob Allison for November 16th. I had six months to lose as much weight as possible.

When I went to see Dr. Allison, he gave me a complete physical examination, he had me watch an orientation video, he prescribed an appetite suppressant and a diuretic, he also prescribed a walking program for exercise, and, most importantly, he gave me a packet containing three diet programs. One was 1000 calories a day. One program was 1200 calories a day and the program I chose was 1500 calories a day. I knew I could live on 1500 calories. So armed with a plan and some medical “tools”, I started my weight loss journey.

At first the weight just flew off of me but after a few months I was losing about 2 to 3 pounds a week. By the time my son’s wedding day came on May 19th, 2001, I was down 100 pounds. I was able to rent a tuxedo with no problem and my wife and I danced almost every dance that evening. It was a great night.

By December of 2001, I was down a total of 145 pounds. My blood pressure was 114/64 and I could walk anywhere even upstairs.

What worked for me under Dr. Allison’s care?

First, he takes the time to get to know you as a person just as well as he gets to know your medical history.

Second, he is very positive and supportive and never ever judgmental.

Third, he set me up on a schedule to see him every two weeks to weigh in and have my vitals checked.

This made me accountable. I knew I needed to weigh less at each visit than I did on the previous one. This was enjoyable because Dr. Allison and his nurse Jan would celebrate any weight loss, even if it was only a pound.

To be successful on Dr. Allison’s plan takes only three things.

Take the medicine he prescribes. Choose a diet plan and stick with it. Walk for one half hour everyday and don’t miss a day for any reason.

Talking about the medication, there is no medicine on God’s green earth that will prevent you from eating “junk food”. You have to do that on your own. Good luck!

Rich P.