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Testimonials: Valerie P.
Words can’t explain how lucky I am to have found Dr. Robert Allison to help me with my weight loss goals and new life style journey. He has truly helped me extend my life and the quality of it.

I was at the point that even bending over to tie my shoes was strenuous and made me out of breath.

Dr.Allison is so compassionate and enthusiastic about helping his patients. He wants you to feel good about yourself while being healthy enough to enjoy life more abundantly for many years to come!

My family has always been so supportive of me. All through my journey they have continued to encourage me and tell me how great I was whether I was heavy or not.

It was a wide eye opener when my 11 year old son recently gave me a hug. He looked up and smiled at me and said “Mom! I can fit my arms all the way around your waist!” (This is something I don’t think he could ever do in the past.) He was truly proud of me and my accomplishments. He brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face. That day really spoke volumes to me and touched me. I did not realize what an impact my obesity was having on my children.

I have incorporated my healthy life style changes into fun family time for everyone. We now plan exercise activities together that we can all enjoy.

I was able to reach my weight loss goals much quicker than I had ever expected. I am a whole new me who is able to spend great quality time with my children for many more years to come!

Thank you Dr.Allison!

Start date of April 13, 2010 236.6 pounds / Size 20

Now December 02, 2010 152.8 pounds / Size 10!!

A loss of 84 pounds in less than 8 months!