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The 101st Diet Doctor
Medical weight loss with Dr. Bob Allison, D.O.
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Your First Visit with Dr. Bob
A meeting of two nice persons - you and me!

The 1st visit takes about an hour. No children please as we need your undivided attention. Hire a baby-sitter for the time, please.

You will be greeted, weighed on our Professional scale to define weight, body fat, Body Mass Index (BMI) and most importantly, your Resting Energy Expenditure which is like your body’s Metabolism.

You will view my personal 45-minute video on Lean Life-Style Living as you page through my brochure. I speak of the brochure in the video and show you some clips of foods, fats etc.

When the video ends, I appear “live” and discuss the personal papers you have filled out about your life, your likes concerning foods. I need to have on file your recent blood tests of sugar, thyroid, cholesterol levels, and an EKG, which you can get from your Family Physician. Since you will be beginning an exercise and diet program, tell them you would like the following tests run:

1. EKG
2. CMP (comprehensive metabolic profile)
3. TSH
4. CBC
5. Lipid Profile
6. HgbA1C, if diabetic .

Finally, I go over my brochure to answer your questions and examine you along with a blood-pressure reading.

Once the computer scale determines your Resting Energy Expenditure, we then define your specific calorie needs to begin weight loss, as you also begin your own exercise program. One cannot say the “D” (diet) word without saying the “E” (exercise) word!!!

We will inform you of the different types of protein and fat contents, the value of fiber and liquids, the types of carbohydrates and the quantity of and quality of “fats”.