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Medical weight loss with Dr. Bob Allison, D.O.
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Return Visits with Dr. Bob
These visits are much quicker and showcase your efforts in eating smaller portions of quality foods (e.g.: baked chicken, baked fish, ground turkey meat, lean beef, garden burgers, soy crumbles) and telling me of your increased exercise.

An assessment is made of your weight, blood pressure, heart rate, leg edema (water), and breath sounds.

We discuss your successes in conquering your food enemies and your difficulties.

I give my patients the same care and service that I do in the monthly visits in the beginning 2-week visits. The 2-week visits keep you under the microscope and keep you motivated by showing me your hard work.

For our out-of-town patients who travel some distance, we work with you on the frequency of the visits.

We do offer 5:30PM appointments for those working.